Dear Laguna Youth Baseball Parents and Players,


The 2021 Baseball registration season is just around the corner and we all may be looking forward to baseball just a little more this upcoming season.  The COVID-19 Pandemic stripped us of a 2020 season that so many of us were looking forward to. For some, it would be the final time we would walk out onto Wildcat Field as a baseball player in LYB. For some, it would be the last time we would get to coach our child in a game we grew up loving and passing the love of the game down to them. For some, we missed out on the cool spring nights, listening to the crack of a bat and the cheers from the stands. For some, we missed out on our first chance to learn the game of baseball and to dress up in a full uniform and play on a big field. But for all that we missed in 2020, we hope to make up for in 2021! 

It is our hope as a board that we come back better and stronger than ever before. As a league, we look forward to the future and look forward to the foundation of what baseball does for our community … brings us back together. The Board of Directors wants to extend a warm welcome to our returning baseball families as well as to all new families to our League and our community.

At a time when children have many sports and activities to choose from, we are thrilled that a large number of boys and girls between the ages of five and twelve have chosen to play baseball in Laguna. Laguna Youth Baseball has been providing a positive environment for the development of sportsmanship, character, and athletic skill among our baseball youth for the past 17 years. Our program puts an emphasis on fundamentals, participation, development, teamwork, safety, family involvement, and fun, all while developing an appreciation and love for the game of baseball. As parents, we know what a thrill it is to see your child play for the first time and watch them grow and improve through the years. These are memories that we will all cherish and we are pleased that you too will enjoy watching your children learn baseball and grow as part of the Laguna Youth Baseball family. 

The Board is constantly working to improve our league and make it the best it can be for the kids in our community.  As such, our primary goals this season are transparency, trust, and to always improve on communication. And, with that in mind, hopefully this welcome letter will address questions we have received about the league, financials, and volunteer commitments.

Why should I volunteer? 

Laguna Youth Baseball is 100% self-funded and 100% run by volunteers. None of the board members, managers, coaches or other volunteers receive any compensation for their countless hours of work. It is our volunteers that make our League great and we call upon everyone to help out. Volunteering your time only goes to further the betterment of the players within our League, so please don’t be shy -- just ask any Board member or coach, “How can I help?”, as help comes in many forms, from very small roles to much larger ones.   No matter how you volunteer, I am confident you will find it is one of the most satisfying things you can do for your kids.

Our income comes entirely from registration fees, fundraisers, the snack bar, and sponsorships. Our expenses include uniforms, equipment (catchers gear, baseballs, etc), facility fees, utilities, taxes & insurance, field maintenance (we do not receive money and get only limited services from the CSD to pay for this), and umpire fees. It comes down to our parents, Board and volunteers to put in the effort, like those in the past, to continue to raise funds for the League’s financial needs. 

How can you help?


Laguna Youth Baseball is a 501(c)3 organization and your donation may be tax deductible.  Donations of cash or check are always welcome, but we also can use things like food items that can be sold at the snack bar or gift cards to Costco, Sam’s Club, Smart & Final, Lowes, or Home Depot. You can also sponsor a player whose family cannot afford the registration fee. 

Donations also come in the form of our fundraisers. Participate in our fundraisers, whether they be League-wide events (i.e. Home Run Derby or the fireworks stand), or visiting our snack bar while at Morse Park. Please come to all the fundraising events and participate.  Also pass along information regarding fundraising to family and friends who may not be part of the League but are willing to support your player. Every little bit helps and many of the fundraising events are opportunities to build upon player and family comradery. 


We are in need of sponsors for our 2021 season to help bridge the gap in funding due to the COVID-19 pandemic and our normal revenue generating streams.  Do you know a local business owner who is interested in supporting their community and/or our players within the League? What about a restaurant your family visits regularly, a salon you have been visiting for years, a local mechanic, realtor, or that contractor/repair man you recommend to all of your neighbors?

Contact sponsorship@lagunayouthbaseball.com with any questions.


Laguna Youth Baseball would not exist without volunteers. It takes good people throughout this area to make this League work and come together.  Please consider becoming part of the team and volunteer when and where you can.  Lend a hand and get involved.  It truly takes a community.  We just ask that you have a heart for kids and are open-minded and have a good perspective on what we are trying to accomplish.  We are extremely grateful to the parents who take on additional volunteer jobs beyond these commitments. 

Volunteering saves us money, especially for jobs that we otherwise need to pay for, like umpires and repair services (field maintenance, etc.) Have time and want to help, but not sure how? Please contact our Director of Operations at general@lagunayouthbaseball.com

Board Membership

Finally, I would like to extend a warm thank you to our 2020 Board Members.  I applaud each of you for the time you have given so freely and the sacrifices each of you made to help make Laguna Youth Baseball one of the best, well respected Cal Ripken youth baseball leagues in Northern California.  With that said, I’d also like to welcome our 2021 Laguna Youth Baseball Board Members, some of whom are new, and some who are past board members, as we build upon the precedence of professionalism and excellence.   The sacrifices of everyone’s time and efforts, including your unwavering dedication to this league, are greatly appreciated.


Our League is truly a one-of-a-kind place to make and share memories with kids, families and friends.  We are constantly reminded by members of this great community of the numerous memories and friendships that have been created in and around Laguna Youth Baseball.  Constantly, we hear people tell stories about their time at LYB. This is also evident by the past players who are now playing baseball in college, umpire in our league, or are coming back to volunteer or mentor young players in LYB, or those that no longer have players in LYB that still volunteer for this League or participate in fundraisers and events. It is this commitment by the members of this community that have made LYB truly one of the best places for our youth to learn and play baseball. 

We are set for another fun and exciting baseball season and there is no better place for a family to watch a baseball game.  Your children will always remember their time and experiences in LYB and we look forward to seeing you all out there on the field or in the bleachers being a part of Laguna Youth Baseball!



2021 Laguna Youth Baseball Board of Directors



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